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Keeping Customers Happy in the Watercooler Industry
Keeping Customers Happy in the Watercooler Industry
The bottled water cooler market has grown to an annual revenue in the UK of circa £200 million. This growth has been largely influenced by the growing awareness of the numerous benefits of drinking water on a regular basis. Whereas at one time the Watercooler industry tended to focus more on the 'product' offering, it has become increasingly important for companies to now focus on offering an excellent standard of customer service and building strong relationships with their clients.

Recent research by Zenith has higlighted some of the main reasons that customers cite for deciding not to renew their Watercooler contract.

Source: Zenith 2006
This research found that one of the primary motivators that customers cite when deciding to cancel a contract is that they feel the level of service that they wanted was not up to their expectations. Of course there will always be a percentage of customers who will constantly shop about for the cheapest deal – however, level of service remains a critical point for most clients when considering renewing their existing contracts. Keeping customer service levels high needs to be at the core philosophy of any Watercooler distributor – and this needs to be an approach that extends beyond the customer service call centre.

Of course the basics of customer service that everyone should provide are clear – timely delivery, effective sanitisation, and water quality – and providing these simple things effectively is the only way to build a framework for a successful service led company. However, there are several further steps that can be taken to ensure that your company places sufficient emphasis on excellent service.

Your Delivery Driver is not just a Delivery Driver
One of the most important aspects of customer service that is often overlooked is delivery – don’t be content with your delivery driver who simply drops off a product to customers. That’s not a service. A delivery driver is a representative of your company, they need to provide a service, not just a product. When your delivery person arrives, it’s the small things that make a massive difference – arriving with a friendly attitude, lifting heavy water bottles, restocking the cup holder, chatting with clients – these seemingly minute details go a long way towards building the reputation of your company.

Customer Complaints – Communication is Key
When things with your service go wrong, you might think the customer will be likely to switch at the first given opportunity – but that's not always the case. This situation can not only be resolved without any negative impact on your company, but you can further strengthen your relationship with them if you can resolve the issue in a timely manner. The key to handling customer queries and complaints is two fold – there needs to be a focus on A) Resolving the problem as promptly as possible and B) Keeping the customer updated as often as possible. If, during the course of a problem you can keep a focus on these two things, the chances are that when it's all over, you'll have a more loyal customer than before who'll stick with you because they know you can resolve their problems.

Don't Lose the Personal Touch
Finally, try to keep a personal connection with all your clients – it will go a massive way to developing a positive relationship and keeping your customers loyal. Anything that you can do to show an interest in your customers is worth it – remembering birthdays and personal facts, sending Christmas cards – very simple ideas that can help to deepen a relationship to a personal level are exactly what you need to aim for.

Of course there a many other strategies to implement that you can use to put service at the forefront of your business – Ebac provides a number of Watercooler business support options for both new and established Watercooler Distributors.

To find out more about how Ebac can help your business, please Contact Us.

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