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The Personal Touch – How Start-ups Succeed in the Watercooler Industry
The Personal Touch – How Start-ups Succeed in the Watercooler Industry
With most industry sectors today fiercely competitive, the Watercooler industry remains one of the few remaining areas where prospects for new business start-ups are high, and the entry barriers remain low. A diverse market, there is a place for both large multinationals and smaller local businesses in the water cooler industry.

Figures show then in recent years, it has been the small and medium sized businesses that have prospered most in the Watercooler industry. In what is essentially a service lead industry, smaller players have been reaping the rewards of offering their customers a personal face to face service – a service that large multinational companies may find it difficult to replicate. As the industry has its roots at a local level (when the Watercooler industry first emerged it was composed of many small/medium companies who operated a local service), many small companies are benefiting from some customers desire to once again deal with local individuals on a personal level.

In addition, small and medium sized companies have also been able to take advantage of opportunities with low consumption accounts – which can potentially prove very profitable if managed at a local level. Low consumption accounts, defined as companies with less than 15 employees, are less valuable to large companies for whom they are less profitable, whereas small/medium sized businesses are perfectly suited to supply these low consumption accounts at a local level.

There are a number of other factors which have created favourable conditions for small and medium sized companies – for example, advertising and marketing work by the market leaders has lead to an increased awareness of the watercooler concept to potential consumers – therefore creating an increase in awareness that everyone in the industry is likely to benefit from. There is also more support than ever before for new business start ups than ever before – firstly from government run schemes such as Business Link which can offer help and advice to anyone starting a new business. And secondly from industry specific organisations such as Ebac who offer an range of support services specifically designed to help start ups succeed in the Watercooler industry.

In summary, business start-ups in the Watercooler industry are in an increasingly strong position – as many clients look for a personal and local service, small and medium sized businesses are able to supply this need very effectively. In this unique, fast moving and potentially lucrative industry, there are still many opportunities for start up and growth as customer service becomes increasingly important in the future, something at which smaller companies excel.

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