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The Right Cooler for the Right Customer
The Right Cooler for the Right Customer
As the Watercooler market continues to grow, and with new opportunities in new markets including schools, hospitals, and the residential sector, there is an increasing demand from customers for more advanced watercoolers. Whereas in the past, customers may have settled for the first cooler that was offered to them, with a growing number of suppliers it has never been more important to get the product offering right. Zenith prediects that by 2010 Water consumption from Watercoolers in the UK with have reached an all time high of 560 million litres.

Source: Zenith 2005
The growth of the industry has lead to an increased awareness amongst consumers about what they can expect from their watercooler – and the industry presence of multi-national companies means that offering anything less that the best watercoolers is unlikely to yield success. When approaching customers, the focus with any watercooler supplier should be to offer the right cooler for that particular customers circumstances – and therefore a broad product range is vital.

The easiest way to differentiate a water cooler business is with the coolers themselves - a consistently reliable cooler that gives a refreshing drink every time is vital, and with such a wide range of water coolers available it is important to get the right one for the right customer - whether it is a simple utility model or a more advanced feature-rich cooler.

One of the most important factors to take into consideration is functionality – such as increased cooling capacity and dispense rate found in our Fmax, and filtration and hot water systems. It is also fundamentally important to offer a watercooler with proven reliability, simple sanitisation such as Ebac’s WaterTrail system, and ease of use.

In addition, design aesthetics are now considered to be a major influence on many customers purchase decision – having a cooler that fits stylishly into it's environment is something that customers value. Therefore having a broad watercooler product range with a range of styles is recommended – such as having the modern and sleek Fmax unit and the classical Emax both on offer.

The purpose of this approach may seem obvious – offering customers a cooler specifically suited to them will no doubt increase customers satisfaction, but it also provides benefits in other ways. For example, marrying right customer to the right cooler will often increase water consumption levels, therefore facilitating increased sales of water. For example, if supplying a medium sized office which has only women – then offering them an EasyLoader unit will ensure they when the water bottle becomes empty, they’ll easily be able to replace it themselves, therefore helping them to consume more water, and you to sell more.

As each clients needs are unique, offering a specific cooler to meet those needs is paramount – some might want to take advantage of the benefits of POU, others might prefer a traditional bottled solution, some might need a cooler which loads easily from the front, and others might need a space saving cooler for their small office or home. The diverse range of watercooler customers, both current and potential, requires a diverse product offering from suppliers which meet clients expectations of design, reliability, functionality, and sanitisation.

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