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Save Time
Save Time

How many times have you felt that you've struggled at work because of a lack of time? Time is of the essence in business – and by partnering with Ebac we can offer you innovative ways that you can save time (and therefore money) at work which allows you to achieve better focus, increased productivity, and higher customer satisfaction.

Sanitisation is one of the most time consuming parts of the industry – under normal circumstances you would need to:-

  • Travel to a Client's site
  • Pick up the old cooler
  • Provide a replacement cooler
  • Bring the old cooler back
  • Take it through a lengthy sanitisation process
  • Re-deliver the newly sanitised cooler

This is not the mention the complex staff training required for the sanitisation process.

However, when you partner with Ebac you will benefit from our revolutionary WaterTrail™ system, which means that sanitisation takes just a matter of seconds – all that is required is a quick and simple on-site replacement of WaterTrails.

When you consider how many sanitisations your company might do over the period of a month or a year, you'll realise that the WaterTrail can save your company hundreds of man hours per year.

To find our more about ways in which Ebac can work with you to save time or to arrange a meeting with a Business Development Specialist, please Contact Us.
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