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Water Dispensers started to become popular in Europe around the early 1990's - until this point, Water Dispensers were not very widespread through Europe, although they had already become very popular in the USA where water dispensers were present in many homes and offices.

One of the major factors affecting the initial growth of the Water Dispenser market throughout the EU was the far east imports of water dispensers - these models were usually cheap although their reliability and cleanliness was often called into question.

This began the growth of the Water Dispenser market in Europe, however this growth was helped by the launch of the very first Ebac Water Dispensers in the 1990s - Ebac were the first Water Dispenser manufacturer in the UK to export to Europe - and first launched their very first water dispenser, which was called the 'EasyCooler' water dispenser.

Water Dispenser Industry Growth

At this point a number of American Water Dispensers started to be imported to Europe which further assisted the growth of the Water Dispenser market - and there are currently over 500,000 Water Dispensers in homes and offices throughout Europe.

Ebac Water Dispensers continue to contribute to the growth of the European Water Dispenser industry, and Ebac have now become Europe's leading water dispenser supplier. They have since launched seven other Water Dispensers. This includes the incredibly successful EMax Water Dispenser, which is now the most popular Water Dispenser in Europe with total sales of over half a million Water Dispensers.

Ebac's current portfolio of Water Dispensers includes -

FMax Water Cooler - the world's most complete water cooler featuring all our latest water cooler technology

FMax POU Water Cooler - featuring out new Direct Dispense system which reduces water cooler contamination by 98%

EMax Water Cooler - Europe's most popular water cooler with over half a million water coolers sold

EMax POU Water Cooler - The Point of use version of Europe's most popular water cooler

SlimCool Water Cooler - A water cooler designed specifically for the home or small office user

EasyLoader Water Cooler - A water cooler which can be loaded by lifting bottles just a few inches off the ground

Classic Water Cooler - A budget water cooler model

Water Dispenser Selling Points

One of the major selling points of all Ebac Water Dispensers is the patented WaterTrail system of sanitisation - which was developed in 1993. The WaterTrail makes sanitisation of Water Dispensers very quick and easy when compared other methods of Water Dispenser sanitisation.

Ebac Water Dispensers also feature industry award winning Water Dispenser technology such as the energy efficient Hot Tank and changeable Water Dispenser side panels.

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