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47% of customers feel that loading a Watercooler had been delayed in their office due to the weight and difficulty of loading a new bottle* - and with the average Waterbottle weighing upwards of 45lbs when full (approximately the same weight as a fully loaded pro golf bag), it's no surprise that some people find lifting this sort of weight difficult - and that's why we developed the EasyLoader.

The EasyLoader has a unique base loading system which means that new bottles only need to be lifted a few inches off the ground to be loaded. This means that anyone who might have found loading new bottles difficult with a standard watercooler will have no problems here.

This means that watercoolers do not sit empty - bottles are loaded faster, and you can sell more water.

*research carried out by Ebac in 2006
» Easier To Load = Sell More Water
The EasyLoader can be loaded by anyone - water bottles only need to be lifted a few inches off the ground before they slot easily into place. This means that the Watercooler is less likely to sit empty - bottles will be re-loaded sooner, and customers will therefore consume more water.

We tested the EasyLoader in an office which consisted mostly of women - the table below shows the results:

EasyLoader Water Consunption Table

» Sanitise 6 Times As Many Coolers Each Hour
Developed in 1994, the WaterTrail has become the most popular method of sanitisation in Europe - unlike other methods of sanitisation which require time consuming processes that don't always result in a fully cleaned and disinfected water cooler, the WaterTrail can be easily changed by a child in less than 60 seconds.

This means it's easy for staff to do it right first time, every time - with minimal training and minimum increase in his or her normal duties.

Water Cooler Sanitisation Method Time Comparisons FIND OUT MORE »

» 100% Sanitisation
Our removable WaterTrail replaces all water contact parts, and is the only system available to offer true 100% sanitisation every time.

Alternative methods of sanitisation do not completely sanitise the cooler and therefore do not meet EBWA sanitisation guidelines. Studies have shown than chemical cleaning systems do not remove all bacteria in the cooler, whilst Ozonation methods are ineffective at removing biofilm build-up.

With our WaterTrail system you can offer customers a sanitisation method that appeals specifically to their requirements - with 100% sanitisation and cleaning in a matter of seconds. Other systems risk taste taint and do not fully clean every part - bacteria left in one miniscule area will soon contaminate the whole drinking water.

Sanitisation Method Comparisons FIND OUT MORE>>>

» Unrivalled Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency is becoming of increasing importance to Watercooler customers - in a recent study we found that 76% of facility managers would be 'Much More Likely' to purchase a unit that was more energy efficient than competitors.

Unlike competitor models, our industry award winning Hot Tank in our EasyLoader works like a vacuum flask and features an extra layer of insulation to ensure than it retains it's heat - it is therefore heated less frequently, and as a result is 30 times more energy efficient than other Hot Tanks.

Customers will save around £32 per cooler each year on running costs - so a medium size business with 5 coolers will save over £150 each year. As well as financial savings, customers will also be reducing their Carbon Footprint - an increasingly important fact.

» Self Centering Mechanism
Allows bottles to be easily inserted, simply tilt and roll - watercoolers do not sit empty and customers consume more water.

» Illuminated Bottle Back Light
Enables users to view water level without having to bend down.

» Body Constructed from ABS Polymer
Built from ultra strong and ultra durable ABS Polymer to minimise repair and replacement costs.

» Bottle Present Sensor
Detects if there is no bottle present and keeps the dip-tube stored away.

» High Level Tap Position
Ergonomically positioned so there is no bending or stooping to dispense water.

» Integral High Level Cup Dispenser
Cups are conveniently located and stored upside down to prevent contamination and minimise health concerns.

» LED Display
Helpful instructions, marketing messages, delivery schedules and service operations can be displayed using smart card programming.

» Duplex Dispense Nozzle
Prevents contamination - customers fingers and hands can never come into direct contact with the point of water dispense.

» Polycarbonate Window Door
Strong and tough - available in Tinted or Clear. Branding options also available.

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