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FMax Water Cooler

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The FMax from Ebac is our latest fleet Watercooler that combines impeccable reliability with exceptional performance - with a variety of features and available at a price that offers considerable value for money.

The Cassette WaterTrail makes perfect sanitisation easier than changing an ink cartridge in a modern printer, and you can also offer customers a Watercooler that provides them with an award-winning insulated Hot Tank which is 30 times more efficient than ordinary coolers.
» Sanitise 40% More Coolers Per Day
Developed in 1994, the WaterTrail has become the most popular method of sanitisation in Europe - unlike other methods of sanitisation which require time consuming processes that don't always result in a fully cleaned and disinfected water cooler, the WaterTrail can be easily changed by a child in less than 60 seconds.

Now available in Cassette format for our FMax Watercooler, this means it's easy for staff to do it right first time, every time - with minimal training and minimum increase in his or her normal duties.

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» 100% Sanitisation
Our removable WaterTrail replaces all water contact parts, and is the only system available to offer true 100% sanitisation every time.

Alternative methods of sanitisation do not completely sanitise the cooler and therefore do not meet EBWA sanitisation guidelines. Studies have shown than chemical cleaning systems do not remove all bacteria in the cooler, whilst Ozonation methods are ineffective at removing biofilm build-up.

With our WaterTrail system you can offer customers a sanitisation method that appeals specifically to their requirements - with 100% sanitisation and cleaning in a matter of seconds. Other systems risk taste taint and do not fully clean every part - bacteria left in one miniscule area will soon contaminate the whole drinking water.

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» Unrivalled Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency is becoming of increasing importance to Watercooler customers - in a recent study we found that 76% of facility managers would be 'Much More Likely' to purchase a unit that was more energy efficient than competitors.

Unlike competitor models, our industry award winning Hot Tank in our FMax works like a vacuum flask and features an extra layer of insulation to ensure than it retains it's heat - it is therefore heated less frequently, and as a result is 30 times more energy efficient than other Hot Tanks.

Customers will save around £32 per cooler each year on running costs - so a medium size business with 5 coolers will save over £150 each year. As well as financial savings, customers will also be reducing their Carbon Footprint - an increasingly important fact.

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» Dispenses 130% More Cold Water
Research has shown that during peak demand times, a Watercooler can have as many as 8 cups of cold water dispensed consecutively . With an ordinary cooler, this would result in some people receiving un-chilled water - which can cause dissatisfaction and discourages customers from drinking from the cooler.

The FMax features an extra large 2.5 litre reservoir - which will dispense up to 14 cups of cold water consecutively - this ensures that during busy periods there is sufficient cold water available and customers are not supplied with un-chilled water - increasing customer satisfaction and encouraging them to drink more water. .


» Good Looks that Last
Customers are increasingly demanding a Watercooler that fits in with their modern office, and the FMax is the perfect cooler to meet their requirements.

Designed to be stylish, modern and practical - the FMax is built from ultra durable ABS Polymer. This exceptional durability - four chassis can support the weight of a vehicle - means that the cooler will take what ever your worst customer throws at it - it will never rust, and will therefore save you time and money in repair and replacement costs.

The FMax also features a choice of 8 changeable side panels, meaning you can win more customers by offering a customised cooler to suit their own office, and you will also save money on replacements as damaged panels can be easily interchanged without having to replace the entire cooler.

» Re-enforced Bottle Column
Loading full bottles onto a watercooler is a frequent cause of cooler damage - which is why our FMax has a specially re-enforced column that holds bottles to ensure that unlike cheaper coolers, no damage can be caused to the cooler when new bottles are loaded.

» No Leak Manifold
Ensures that drips from leaking bottle caps do not contaminate the water reservoir.

» Hedgehog Spike
Users occasionally place water bottles on a cooler without removing the label - which then causes the label to be pushed up into the bottle - which can be very difficult to remove. With our Hedgehog Spike (only in Ebac Watercoolers), the water label is pierced but never dislodged - this ensures that labels are never pushed up into the bottle.

» Temperature Combinations
3 solid metal dispense levers offering a choice of Cold, Ambient or Hot water - more choice for your customers to increase their overall water consumption.

» High Dispense Point
Customers have easier access to water with our High Level Dispense Point - no stooping or bending is required to dispense water.

» Duplex Dispense Nozzle
Prevents contamination - customers fingers and hands can never come into direct contact with the point of water dispense.

» Drip Tray Evaporation
Drips from the dispense nozzle are taken to a reservoir located on the compressor at the base of the cooler - and harmlessly evaporates due to the natural heat generated by the compressor.

» Heat Resistant Plastic
Present around areas of electrical circuitry, Heat Resistant Plastic removes the risk of catching fire and ensures stringent European safety standards are met.

» Built In Wheels
Means that the FMax can easily be transported from one location to another safely, and with no heavy lifting required.
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