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With the Point-of-use market now accounting for 27% of the total watercooler market (Zenith, 2007), customers are becoming more discerning when it comes to POU water coolers - which is why having the right POU cooler in your portfolio is vital.

The EMax POU is the first ever POU watercooler to benefit from our Patented WaterTrail system and award winning Hot Tank - and with the dramatic rise of Point-of-Use watercoolers throughout Europe, the EMax POU is fast becoming one of the most popular POU watercoolers available.

Featuring the many benefits of a Point-of-use watercooler such as saving time and money, as well as the advanced features only found in Ebac coolers - such as the WaterTrail, Energy Efficient Hot Tank, strong ABS construction, and customisable fascias, the EMax POU provides all the benefits of POU with the high level of technology and quality that Ebac is renowned for.

» Reach New Markets - Expand Old Ones
The growth of the Point-of-Use watercooler market shows no signs on slowing, and Zenith (2007) predicts that this will continue over the next 5 years at least - this makes having a POU watercooler a vital part of your customer offering.

Many new markets are opening up such as Hospital, Schools and Universities, and POU is the cooler of choice because of it's cost effectiveness and simplified maintenance. Therefore having a POU watercooler available is important, but not as important as having the right POU watercooler. The EMax POU gives you the backing of Europe's leading watercooler manufacturer and is built on Europe's leading Watercooler - the EMax.

» Sanitise 40% More Coolers Per Day
Developed in 1994, the WaterTrail has become the most popular method of sanitisation in Europe - led by Europe's most popular Watercooler, the EMax. Unlike other methods of sanitisation which require time consuming processes that don't always result in a fully cleaned and disinfected water cooler, the WaterTrail can be easily changed by a child in less than 60 seconds. This means it's easy to train staff to do it right first time, every time - with minimal training and minimum increase in his or her normal duties.

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» 100% Sanitisation
The EMax POU contains our removable WaterTrail which replaces all water contact parts, and is the only system available to offer true 100% sanitisation every time. Alternative methods of sanitisation do not completely sanitise the cooler and therefore do not meet EBWA sanitisation guidelines.

Studies have shown than chemical cleaning systems do not remove all bacteria in the cooler, whilst Ozonation methods are ineffective at removing biofilm build-up.

With our WaterTrail system you can offer customers a sanitisation method that appeals specifically to their requirements - with 100% sanitisation and cleaning in a matter of seconds. Other systems risk taste taint and do not fully clean every part - bacteria left in one miniscule area will soon contaminate the whole drinking water.

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» The Benefits of Direct Chill Without the High Costs
Direct Chill is becoming an increasingly popular method of dispensing water in POU water coolers. The attraction of the system is that the drinking water isn't stored in a reservoir prior to drinking - reservoirs have air above the water which makes an ideal place for bacteria to grow and allows water to go stale.

The WaterTrail has the exact same benefits - water does not come into contact with air until dispense which keeps it cleaner and less prone to contamination.

The main drawback of Direct Chill is that it is inefficient in comparison to the WaterTrail - the drinking water in a Direct Chill system is cooled by passing it through a sub-cooled liquid (usually water). If drinking water is wanted at around 5ºC, the cooling water must be colder than this at about 0ºC.

This water is cooled by a refrigeration system and it takes approximately 25% more energy to cool the water to 0ºC compared to cooling to 5ºC as in the WaterTrail - which means the Direct Chill system costs more to run.

» Unrivalled Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency is becoming of increasing importance to Watercooler customers - in a recent study we found that 76% of facility managers would be 'Much More Likely' to purchase a unit that was more energy efficient than competitors.

Unlike competitor models, our industry award winning Hot Tank in our EMax POU works like a vacuum flask and features an extra layer of insulation to ensure than it retains it's heat - it is therefore heated less frequently, and as a result is 30 times more energy efficient than other Hot Tanks.

Customers will save around £32 per cooler each year on running costs - so a medium size business with 5 coolers will save over £150 each year. As well as financial savings, customers will also be reducing their Carbon Footprint - an increasingly important fact.

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» ABS Polymer Construction
Build to be many times stronger than it needs to be (4 units can hold the weight of a vehicle), the EMax POU is built from ultra durable ABS Polymer, the same material used in plane construction, golf clubs & snowboards.

This exceptional durability means that the cooler will be less liable to breakages, will never rust, and will therefore save you time and money in repair and replacement costs.

The EMax POU also features a choice of 5 changeable fascias, meaning you can win more customers by offering a customised cooler to suit their own office, and you will also save money on replacements as damaged fascias can be easily interchanged without having to replace the entire cooler.

» Easy Fit Carbon Block Water Filter
Can be changed easily with minimal staff training and customer disruption.

» Electrically Controlled Inlet Valve
Improves safety and reliability of cooler to ensure customer satisfaction whilst reducing time consuming and expensive call outs.

» Integral Twin Cup Holder
Cups are positioned upside-down to prevent contamination and minimise health concerns.

» Height Adjustable Feet
Even if positioned on an uneven surface, these adjustable feet will prevent the cooler from wobbling to offer customers maximum flexibility when positioning their cooler.

» Built-in Wheels
Means that the EMax POU can easily be transported from one location to another safely, and with no heavy lifting required.

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